Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The New Year harangues us with the need for changes in our lives. Various media and acquaintances heighten the assault. It is an endless cycle of procrastination and broken self-promises. There are plenty of sources for you to try and keep those New Year’s Resolutions but I am here to suggest you don’t make any at all.

You see - waiting for a date on the calendar will only generate excuses when the date occurs. If you want to change, do it now!

Telling yourself you will modify the situation and your place in the world is different than actually doing it. We are creatures of habit after all, so we don’t really cater to change that easily. We need motivation.

Guilt and its cousin, regret can take a hike. You have decisions and choices. Decide now is the time to do whatever it takes to live a more beneficial and contented life and choose the right course to make it happen. That’s it. Is it easy? Most likely not (it’s that habit thing), however, if you believe to your core that what you want is what you need to express, then the burden does ease somewhat.

It’s hard to do what you love, so do what you are! What you do is a projection of who you are and because it is coming out of you, you will love it!

Now…who are you?