Tuesday, October 16, 2012

People are...

Mike Wagner talks about the positive aspects of being strange.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Commencement Time

Usually, commencement speeches can be rather trite, condescending and droll. Not this one! I so would have loved to hear this message when I was graduating. As someone in a "third act" (really watch the video!), I know exactly what Adam is saying here. I hope regardless of where you are at this moment, whether you are actually graduating or are years from that moment in either direction, you are inspired by his words. For they are just that - inspiring.
Enjoy (Adam starts at about 5:30)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Moments are Rooms in the House of Life

If you were to look at life as a giant house we inhabit, moments are the rooms we visit to relax or invigorate, or to mourn and recharge. In between the moments, we travel the halls. The halls present us many doors to choose from which lead to those moments.

Those doors are our choices. Some are easier than others. That’s part of the journey. We all reach that point in the hall when the decision can be a burden; the choice is not clear or may be difficult, and we need help figuring out which threshold to cross. We may even need help navigating the halls and their potential barriers. Sometimes we are just looking for the stairs.

When those instances arise, we need a little push to get us through a door and to learn from what is behind them. One thing about moments is they are never ordinary, and we must make the most of them regardless of the situation. There are lessons in them all and leaving that room with an understanding will help us if we find another one that is similar.

Don’t get caught wandering the halls!

Which room are you looking for?