Monday, May 3, 2010

The Fear

Holy cow! This is a big one with many facets. Whenever we consider something new or a shift in direction, we start hearing that voice of trepidation. It rattles around our head knocking at the plan.

We get comfortable where we have established ourselves and rattling the cage can be scary.

It is good to have the fear. It can be a check to assure us we are on the right path – it’s that inquiring voice. The flipside of that is it can also hold us back when we need the change most by asking the wrong questions.

Internalizing the fear can lead to you talking yourself out of whatever you are considering. To avoid this, get it out of your head and tell someone. Speaking your idea to someone can lessen the fear and help you realize you are moving in the right direction.

A side effect of this depends on whom you tell it too. This can lead to fear transference and suddenly you are affecting more than your life. Heavy!

The “how-will-your-decision-affect-me,” kicks in with the other person. This generates fear in them. They have an investment in you and the deeper the connection, the more palpable the fear. If you know deep in your heart that your passion is driving you on the correct course, then they will see it and stand with or behind you. And if they don’t, perhaps it is best to leave them behind.

Have you felt that trepidation?

Did it stop you?

Did you plow ahead regardless?

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