Monday, April 26, 2010

Pardon me. Do you have the time?

We often tend to view time as shaped like a giant hourglass with the sands of time trickling through a tiny time hole between future and past. These grand imaginative vistas of what has gone and what lies ahead overwhelm our view of what really is.

Actually, what we have is a horizon-smashing moment that is HUGE! Think about it, you can do anything you want to right now.

“What? No way, I have a job to do and loads of other responsibilities that I have to consider before me.”

I am not saying to shirk what needs to happen here at all. What I would really love is for everyone to be more fully here and now. Too many of us drift off with some longing of elsewhere and other things to do. Have you asked yourself, “Is it five o’clock yet?”

When we focus on what is right in front of us, we are able to commit to whatever we are doing wholeheartedly. Amazingly, the time flies by.

Now is the time to rethink how you view the moment. What are some ways you can be more here and now?

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Asaraludu said...

Try paying attention. Too tired? Get more restful sleep.

Try doing one thing deliberately today that you normally do without thinking.

Shut off the TV. Shut off the radio when you're driving to work. It's easy to panic when you're otherwise unoccupied, but tell yourself it's OK. Sometimes you just need to spend a few moments thinking about what you're doing.