Monday, April 19, 2010


In July of 2002, while at a martial art seminar in Oklahoma City, I popped my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). No, it did not feel pleasant.

In November of that year, I had it repaired and I started physical therapy and the relearning of things. Over the months after popping it, I adjusted how I moved. My body had adjusted to compensate somewhat. I had to get as close to normal as possible.

It took longer than I wanted, but I got back close to pre-popping mobility after about a year. I had specific milestones laid out with the goal of particular movements I wanted to be able to do again. By the end of that year, I could. In many ways the ligament is stronger, but I also have some limitations. I adjusted.

The thing is, it didn’t stop me. Sure, my body was altered but I adapted and am stronger in many ways, especially mentally. We all have these pop quizzes from time to time to test us, shake us up and keep us moving!

Anything ever knock you back forcing you to learn again?

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