Sunday, April 11, 2010

Overcoming Perfection

I have never been a fan of perfection as the ultimate ideal or as a goal. This is not to say that doing one’s best can’t get you close to the perception. I recall telling people, “practice doesn’t make you perfect, just better.”

Does the idea of perfection prevent you from the attempt? The adage, “If you can’t do something well (or right), why do it at all?” comes to mind. I find this to be off the mark somehow. So what if we redefine the word?

Perfection has imperfectness. It is all part of the balance. Imagine everything being perfect in every detail. Can you?

When I was learning some new techniques in a martial art style from a peer whom I didn’t see that often, I mentioned my concern about doing something wrong. His response was, “Just do it. We can fix the little things later, but at least you are doing something.” To me, that’s the key; regardless of my skill level, as long as I am doing it, I am getting better at it. Will I be perfect every time? No. Will there be moments when I nail it? Yes.

The experience helps us grow and define who we are, helps us learn and understand along with broadening the view.

What is something you are willing to try regardless of outcome?


BethS said...

So many people could learn from this. Sometimes you just have to try to succeed. I love your posts Jay. I always take something form them. Thank you!

Asaraludu said...

I'm re-learning archery again 20 years later. This time without all the mechanical stuff. It's somewhat frustrating since this is my first time shooting instinctively, and further maddening when I recall how good I was 20 years ago with a compound bow.

But when you "get it", it makes it totally worthwhile. And really, it's the practice, the simple art of finding the target, that keeps me coming back.